I called in sick today. Yay, I finally have some time to myself! Too bad I have a headache...
I got plenty of time to play around on my cousin Heather's editing station. Combined with what I learned today from experimentation and what I learned yesterday from the crash course she gave me, I should have no trouble pulling off the editing for the Grenada Project.

What is the Grenada Project, you ask?
It's my and Neight's response to an English assignment for school. We decided to make a film about the Grenada Invasion of the Reagan era. It has recently been replacing Gamma Squad as my labor of love. Fear not- gamma squad will happen, it has simply been put on the back burner due to the nature of the Grenada Project- we have only one month left until the due date.

When it's done, it's gonna blow away our English teacher, and if I ever upload it onto EDS, hopefully it'll impress you as well. It will include interviews with Maynard Robinson (who was responsible for planning the invasion), Steve Harding (a military historian/author who wrote a book about the grenada inavsion) and a Veteran of the invasion itself. We will include both real footage and our own re-enactments.

Folks, this is looking good.


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