Happy Hannukah/Channukah/Hannuka/Hanuka/Chanookah/Hawnoookq/Quexocaotl to my he-bros over at crapmont high.
My Procrastination poster arrived on time, and I saved a whopping sixteen cents with Despair, Inc.'s %1 off holiday sale! Wow!

My cuz Karen is visiting all the way from San Diego. We have some fun stuff planned up until wednesday, when I fly to Curacao. w00t.

On a technical note, my laptop almost died today. Well, not really, but when I pressed the power button, jack shit happened. I started getting freaked out.
Luckily, my dad was on hand, and we found out that the problem was in my power transformer. The cord had been frayed for quite some time, but now it was gone completely, so he jumped it with an alligator cable.


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