I got bored during 3rd period when we were supposed to be practicing timed writing skills. I decided to write a sort of satirical stream of consciousness so I could have something entertaining to do while still appearing to be working on an essay. Here are the results:

I wish I was superman then I could fly away from school school is dumb I'm hungry when I get out of school im gonna go eat chinese food I hear chinese people don't eat real chinese food like you get at wok & roll just plain white rice borrring!!!

If I were a badger I could crawl into a hole that would be cool id do a badger dance and eat mushrooms all day and fart then id fly to the moon because badgers are tiny.

You know what would be cool I wish i were a moth because Dumb people would would think i was a butterfly how stupid is that butterflies are pussies now moths are hella cool theyre like big ass tiny ass war machine insects I hope we do genetic experiments and make big ass moths that take over eath and are radioactive like godzilla it would be awesome

the other day I was talking with osama bin laden hes actually a nice guy when you get to meet him
"What's up my man Osama?" I asked he was like "I was framed what the fuck now george bush invaded my fucking cave just because saddam hussein used my evil clone to destroy the world trade center what a gyp."


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