I just got home around an hour ago. That was a pretty good vacation.
Me and my family enjoyed a number of "so alpine!" activities, including sitting around a cabin, cross-country skiing, sitting around a cabin, snowshoing, sitting around a cabin, and eating. Good food, mind you.

I have a ton of photos from the trip. I'll be picking out the good ones and posting them soon. Unlike my previous set of Hope Valley photos, the new set spans the entire trip instead of just the return.

Looks like my Burn Bar has seen some action while I was away. Sounds like good news. I've read through the archives (which I'm attempting to make public) and have laughed out loud more than once. Shout outs to my main flamethrowers Neight and Tomas.

In terms of production for Expendable, this week wasn't totally wasted. See the Catman do Blog for more details.


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