Yozza. It's almost friday and I'm fucking elated.
I think that whoever invented the week needs to be taken out back and shot. I mean what the fuck were they smoking?
"Hey Jim, I had this great idea last night. It's called a mon-day."
"Rob, last night you drank a pint and blacked out."
"Yeah yeah, but it's a great idea. Y'see, we all have to wake up reeeal early and go to someplace we don't like."
"Rob, shut your pie hole."
I mean, who the hell needs such a banal day? I say we get rid of monday. Period. Jump straight from sunday to tuesday.
So that's my two cents. Fuck all ye who enjoy the sound of their alaurms, like ye old Robbe,
who had is arse handed to him repeatedly in ye olde barre fights.


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