Here at the Carlmont library waiting for FOMF to start. It's totally crazy. We sat around at the student union for like four hours listening to some guy blab on for hours about this sheet thingy which we couldn't see.
It was sort of fun though, I played table hockey with Chris Curran (my partner for FOMF) with this snap that fell off my jacket. It was neat. It fell off the table a lot.

The library is filled WAY beyond maximum capacity. The amount of people here gives whole new meaning to the term "student body". The body heat is stuffing up the place to epic proportions.

Chris Curran says "I've wasted two hours of my life and I want them back... oh, I'll probably just piss them away on hookers and drugs." I rarely understand what he's talking about.
Garrett Somers states "Fuck bearaucracy. FOMF is the most retarded thing I've ever had the disprivelige of participating in." "Meh," he continued. "I would rather do this then slave away over a desk for hours doing a research pap...oh wait! I am going to be doing that trying to find proofs for this damn thing! FUCK LIFE! DIE!" I love Garrett. He is so smart, and so cool. He is my hero.
Tomas Seidita commented "It is currently 6:40. What the fuck have these people been doing for the past hour? What the fuck is going on? I have a migraine and I want to go home." Poor Tomas. His medication is finally kicking in.
Maurice Urbain declined to comment.


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