This month is finally over. Hooray!
2004 seems to be dragging along nicely. The first week of second semester felt like a month, hopefully time will get off its lazy ass next week.
FOMF coming up next weekend, looks to be fun. However, this probably means that I won't be able to get do any collaborative editing with Neight for a few weeks.

Looks like I might actually get around to making a Macbeth parody with a couple of friends. The idea is to make an action movie in Counter-strike. Shouldn't back up my other projects, all we have to do is meet for an afternoon at Jonathan Kurniawan's house and hook up a bunch of computers. I can probably edit it in less than a day.

On side news, I'm helping a friend of mine out with his awesome news/forums site called Gorilla-san. The gorilla-san forums are the shit. Check it out, it also has the "Your Poems" thread where all my veggie poetry originates from.


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