Hello all, smack dab in the middle of a lame week.
It's admittedly not that bad, I've got a chem test. I should do okay.

I cannot fucking believe that my english grade is a C. I didn't think your grade could drop that fast in two weeks. It's nuts.
You'd think it would take MORE work to have it go down the toilet with such punctuality.
Anyway, it shouldn't be huge trouble bringing it up. It's currently based off of maybe four assignments. Psh.

Garret and Tomas made a pretty cool movie called "Served Cold, As You Like It." You can view it for a limited time only on EDS.

At any rate, the shoutbox seems to be turning into a flame bar, which I have no problems with. Go give it a shot- just bring some ICE. Cause you might get BURNED.


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