Garrett and Chris had this funny idea of putting the Gandalf/Saruman duel in Lord of The Rings to "Woo Hoo" by the 5678's. I thought it was a funny idea, so I ripped the scene from the dvd, cut it a tiny bit, and slapped the music on. I find the result pretty funny. See "The Duel" and decide for yourself:
http://eliot.bambi.net/eliot/Film/Duel.mov (25 Mb)

Note: At the end it says Catman do simply because I wasn't sure what kind of production it was. It is not, in fact, a Catman do Film™ but comes from another company which I have yet to decide. Possibly Doozie Films Productions. I will be posting a new quicktime soon with a corrected copyright notice, at which time this note will most likely be erased.


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