Yesterday was... interesting. I went to Stacks with my cousins in the morning for breakfast. We then visited the Union Cemetery in San Mateo. It was cool and kind of creepy. It would be a good setting for that horror movie thing tomas was going to make.

Afterwards we visited Filoli, this cool old mansion that's about five minutes away from my house (surprisingly, this is the first time I've been there). It has a really cool look to it, and the 16 acres of formal gardens are amazing.

My cousin Austin gave me a new guitar pick and showed me how to play the intro to the song he was playing. It sort of got me interested in really learning again, so I went on the internet and taught myself to read tab (Yeah yeah, I know it's easy shit. It took about five minutes) and downloaded some tab. I figured out how to play the intro to Seven Nation Army, so that was pretty cool. It'll be interesting to see how long this spark of enthusiasm lasts before I lapse once again into musical entropy.

But wait- there's more! After I said goodbye to my cousins, I went and had dinner at this cool indian restaraunt with my grandparents. We were gonna see Hellboy but I decided against it, so we went to the video store and rented Ghost World. It turned out to be a good choice- if you ever have the chance, go see it.
Ghost World
I got home and downloaded some sound effects for use in Expendable- this proved to be tricky, as 98% of the sfx on the net suck monkey balls.
I did a little work on the sound mix this morning as well- we captured all of the new clips in mono, so I spread the audio to give it the appearance of being in stereo. The trouble is that the VCR I use for layoffs only has mono input, so you'll have to wait for the DVD in order to appreciate the full glory of the Expendable soundtrack (cough cough).


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