Last week, in the yawning void between 2nd and 4th period that is AVID, I was having a conversation with Chris. Josh had just recited The Raven in English, and I was musing that he would have an easier time meomrizing his lines if they were written in verse. Seeing how I had nothing to do, I wrote a poem set to the rhythm of Jabberwocky.


`Twas morning and the mountain road
did host a river through they wade
all peaceful was the ivy grove
where Arkadiy found his grave.

"Shit." exclaiméd Lash at once
"Hm, Conner" Alloy called the tag
he pulled the noose from off his neck
"We're getting out, in body bags."

"I've got some feelings, bad, of this"
a nervous Muller once did cry
"Shut up, we're getting on with it"
"You heard the man, it's time to die."

"Did you hear that?" was Barker's bark
"Of course we did, now hit the ground!"
"Goddamn you Alloy!" was the spark
for Alloy had not gotten down.

"We must get up there," ordered Wolf
"if needed, you shall be our martyr"
Muller ran and tripped a mine
"and dead we'll both be in the water."

"WOLF YOU JACKASS!" was the cry
"The path was mined, I did not know
demeritous, I call that meme"
"I do not care, you stupid ho."

And so, without another note
Barker stretched out on the ground
and he remarked upon a hope
"Just line `em up and shoot `em down."

"Wolf, he's dead" was Lash's call
as Barker lay, deluged with blood
"Shut up, you fool" was someone's thought
"I'm cold, I'm tired, soaked with mud."

Bang, Bang, Snicker-snack!
and Wolf was dead
so Lash's dread
called for a fade to black.

`Twas evening, and the mountain road
did host a river for their graves
all peaceful was the ivy grove
where Gamma Squad is laid.



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