It's been an odd weekend. Here's the beginnings of a post I was going to make friday:
What a fucking fun weekend this is turning out to be!
Yesterday when I was going downstairs, I slipped and fell diagonally down the stairs between the kitchen and the landing of my house, which are about 4 feet.

So yeah, I twisted my ankle friday and it hurt like a bitch. Reason I haven't posted is because I've been dividing my time between homework and finishing the current cut of the international films collection as a birthday present for my uncle Alan (he and my dad were the ones who made the movies in the first place).
But I digress. Once I sat down, I decided to hobble down the stairs to get to the futon. Once I got to the bottom, it really started hurting. I sorta fell down and lay there while I called for assistance. My mom came, and the I told her that next time, she better have some rubber mats or a hell of an insurance policy. So she helps me get my shoe off and then goes upstairs to get ice. Meanwhile, I crawl over to the futon and pop in the Clerks dvd which I'd rented.

I'd like to take this opportunity to say that Clerks is a kickass movie. I'd say that it's in my top 20, if not my top 10 of good movies. And guess what? More homework! So that's all for now.
Randall and Dante in 'Clerks'