Ohhhh my god school SUCKS!
I take off one lousy sick day, come back and it's like a fucking deluge of assignments. And I only have three core classes. WHAT THE FUCK?!?

Thank god it's friday tommorrow. It's felt like fucking friday all week long. Okay scratch that. It felt like thursday all week long. Guess what? It's thursday today. Gahhhh who the hell invented the fucking thursday? What a pathetic day. It's not friday yet, so you don't feel like the weekend has almost arrived. All you feel is that awful middle-of-the-week despair. The "good god this week has lasted a month" kind of feeling. Yeah, go thursday!

Mondays suck too. I think that we should round off the week for good measure. Friday is cool, cause you're almost out. Wednesday is chill cause it's late start at carlmont. Tuesday is ok. It's like the middle child. Thursday is the one you want to call an airstrike on. So here's my proposed school week:

Tues 12:00-3:00
Wed 1:00-3:00
Fri 12:00-2:59

Sounds good huh? I like it. Let's petition the governator. We'll call it "Vote YES for cuts in Education."


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