Happy Halloween! I hope everyone's been having a good time.
I've been laying low this weekend, avoiding doing homework, etc.
Today I went to see Peter Pan with heather and my parents. That was a lot of fun, and it was a really lavish production. Heather and I wore Kimonos to the play (yes, I was wearing a male kimono), and I had my rice hat on. It was pretty cool.

We also shot stuff for the bike movie. If you haven't heard about this, Catman do has been commissioned by the belmont city planning division to create a persuasive video about why a pedestrian bridge should be built across 101. I found out that everyone is interested in you if you have a camera. I have footage of a fat guy yelling for us to buy him a beer and some girls shouting at us out of their car with a megaphone.

I want to make it really cheezy, and have corny 80's music and video effects. Hopefully we can shoot the rest of it next weekend so I can edit it and get it done on time.

Also, check out this page on my dad's site to see where Friends of The Bracewell Observatory has been mentioned in the news. I recently read a great article about us in The Mercury, check it out if you get a chance.


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