This weekend has been bizarre. I have a lot of moronic homework from various idiotic classes.

We're doing a shitty poetry unit in English class. The poems are alright but the fucking analysis is what sucks. It's like walking into the MOMA with a chainsaw so you can slice up all the paintings to find out what kind of canvas they were painted on. Actually, I'd do that if I had the chance. Bad example.

Anyway, Safety Ed is one of the most mind-numbing classes I've ever taken, which is kind of a mixed blessing as my first period. I can basically bullshit my way through class, but I also have to do all the pathetic homework the night before instead of waiting for 5th period clerking to do it (like I do for my second most mindless class, Algebra).

I also sliced my tongue on a hard candy a few minutes ago. What the fuck!? I didn't even know you could do that. It was bleeding, too.

I never got a chance to shoot robert's eyes (haha) for pick-ups, I really hope I can just get it out of the way sometime next week. And there is no way in hell I'm reshooting any of the shit with Josh again. I want to get this motherfucking production done so we can go to post. Post will take at least two weeks. And of course, our reward is to be laughed at by those video whores in B-7. Fuck them and fuck everything. I hate kittens.


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