Great news! Today, Neight came over and we filmed a short movie.
"Big deal," you say? I think not, Mister Man! This is probably the first time the word 'filmed' has been used correctly by anyone in our little group (as he likes to point out, shooting on DV is in fact taping).

That's right boys and girls, Catman do Film has crossed the boundary between working on video to working on film. We shot the movie on Super-8 Kodachrome and if we need to edit it at all (once we get it developed), all cuts will be made with an actual razor edge. That is so cool.

Since there's no quick way to get actual frames from the film onto the internet and nobody was around to take production photos (like I usually do), here is me posing with the camera. Don't ask about the monkey, okay?
Fuck Fellini.


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