Some of you may remeber how earlier this year, I was talking about building an amp for my guitar. This was not one of those all talk ideas. In fact, I built and tested a functional preamp tonight (It helps to have a dad with a bachelor's in electrical engineering).

Me testing out the preamp box. I like disco, disco is my favorite sport.
That's me testing out the completed preamp box. Incidentally, you may recognize the backdrop- we shot Expendable's war room sequence in my dad's project room. Here is a close-up of the curcuitry:

Technofication! Fast Fourier Transfomation! EEG!
I'm proud to say that I placed and soldered all of the components myself. I did ask for my dad to supervise me- it helps to have someone who knows what he's doing when you're working with a 700° soldering iron. Yeowch!

While I mounted the PCB board in its metal casing, my dad wired a patch cable that would let me hook up my guitar to the RCA input jack on the preamp box.

Since I have almost no skill with the guitar whatsoever, I think that working with the technical aspect would be a good idea. Hopefully I can practice with my new preamp (and the amplifier I'm planning to build soon) and get better, but just building stuff is enough to keep me occupied for the moment.


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