I'm getting pissed off how I have so little time to work on Expendable. This weekend my mom had a birthday party, my cousin had a bar mitzvah, and I had some homework. I would have been able to work. but the problem is I can no longer sit down and just edit for a half hour or whatnot. It takes about 25 minutes to copy all the footage onto disk and re-render the project. Once I'm done, I have to delete the files and scrap the renders, too. Also, Heather has been using her computer some this weekend so my window of opportunity is smaller. I'm going to try to get some editing done this week after school, but again, there's a lot of shit going on after school. Thank god I at least have access to an editing station and don't have to rent time.

I think this is going to boil down to me just sitting down sometime and working on it solid. It's not like grenada project, I actually need to plan my hours this time. I'll also try to clear up enough free space to install MOHAA. That should at least solve the SFX problem.

On a lighter note, heather finally found her Super-8 camera and cleared out space for her cutting station. Getting that set up will be one of our summer projects, and I'd definitely like to explore the possibilites of working on film.

In other stuff: I lost my glasses last week, so I got a new pair of glasses today. They're pretty cool.


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