Good times. Neight and I did some community service today, then came back to my place to tie up most of the loose ends for Expendable. I still have some more editing work to do, but the rough cut is nearly complete. We shot the missing teletype footage and re-shot eye close-ups. I think that wraps up even the post-production pick-ups, which is good news. We're probably about 83% done with the entire movie.

On to other stuff. I'm watching the entire third season of ReBoot, because that's all that is available on the white market. Does anyone have tapes of episodes from seasons one or two? I doubt it, but no harm in asking.

Also, I finally got the whole default BlogThis shit worked out. This means worlds to me. All it means to you is that I'm not going to be bitching anymore on the Catman do Blog about accidental posts. Unfortunately, this constituted about 50% of the total activity on that blog, so we may need to dust off some cobwebs before we start revving up for our next big project.

So, it's been a pretty good weekend so far. I still have to write that stupid essay for Reynolds. I'll do it tomorrow.
Generic Farewell.


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