3rd period, I'm at the language lab to browse the net for this stupid AVID assignment. I might have to go soon. Chris is sitting next to me. Hey chris, thanks for watching me type. Chris says: "I hate my teacher, it is hot in here!" That's right chris, there are so many HOTTIES in this room. Hardy har har.

We have dress rehearsal for A Few Good Men after school today, the play is on friday. Ahhh! I know my lines but we're having trouble with the order.

Eurgh, the bottom of my shoe is disgusting. I stepped on a packet of mayo someone left on the ground and it popped, plastering the sole of my shoe and the ground with a stream of something resembling Creme du Jism. Ick.

Oh, and kudos to Tomas, he actually burned someone for a change.

The Eaaand!


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