Eurgh. STAR testing this week. That, and our play is on friday. Whee.
It's been pretty hot out lately. I got a little dehydrated earlier today and sort of slept it off in 3rd period. I also got some water and a popsicle at the student store before 7th period, so it's all good now.

We shot pick-ups yesterday at a creek near my house. All went well, and I would now like to announce that we are completely done with production for Expendable. The remaining two pick-ups are classified as post-production as to make everyone happy. I'm going to run into problems with editng soon, as I will have to share time and space with my cousins as they are working on a project. What I may be able to do is dump all the music and stuff off my ipod and move all the footage onto there, meaning I could "plug in" Expendable whenever I need to edit it.

This puts the film at probably around 80% complete, well within our master deadline of getting the VHS done before school gets out. Instead of going with the typical 'two weeks' campaign promise, I'm going to say we could realistically complete the final cut in three to four weeks and then dump to VHS. We were planning to premiere it at the independent film club, but seeing as how it rarely ever meets, we might do something at my house.

Sounds like fun in the sun folks. I'll talk to you all once I get heat stroke.


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