I've been doing some community service this weekend by designing a website for my Mom's jewish center thing. Ernest is also going to help with graphics.
I've also been working on a page for someone that contacted me through my website (hah! hear that? Clients!), you can see the mockup if you really want to. It looks like shit right now but once I finish it it should look decent. The cool thing about it is that I did all the formatting with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). The next iteration of eliot.bambi.net (v3.0) will most likely use CSS.

I was able to get some editing done on the Expendable rough cut this friday. I'd say we're about 75% done with the rough cut and the entire film. After we finish the rough cut we get to do (oh joy) muzzle flares, sound effects, and color correction! Sounds like heaps of fun folks. Peace out.


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