Megaman sucks. What a shitty game.
You can't duck. For chrissakes, you can't even fire upwards!
This has got to be the most frustrating game I've played in a long time. I always find myself cheering whenever megaman dies. Kinda looks like fireworks, so maybe the developers actually wanted joy to be the gamer's response.

I hate Megaman.
The bosses suck, the controls suck, the powerups suck, the gameplay sucks.

There is one good part though. When you select a level at the beginning, it plays the most awesome theme music. I wonder if it's by sheer coincidence that the best parts of the game are right before you enter a level and right when you fail it.
So yeah, If you're ever playing an NES and see a MEGAMAN or ROCKMAN cartridge, dispose of it immediately and pick up a good game such as METROID or NINJA GAIDEN.


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