At the guidance office once again. I think I failed my Chemistry test last period. It's kind of stupid how we get graded on practice tests for the STAR test, as our score on the STAR doesn't actually affect our grades.
This week is turning out to be kind of dumb. We're not doing much in class because of block scheduling, which is all for the better. We had to write a poem about a work of art for English class. I selected something from Boring3D, called "Tar Dipped Carrot Wired For Combat".

Here is the poem:

sitting in a bushel
one tiny, one orange
carrot is plucked
from the pack
and taken
to the vat

cast in
like achilles
simmering in tar
then lifted
our warrior
the atlas carrot

it must be brought
under control
we shall retrofit it
allowing for remote
access and we
have ourselves a superweapon.

Target [+locked+]
swishing, zooming overhead
carrot of death
is on the war path
the flight path
the doom of us all



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