EDS Lockdown Initiated on 05-15-04.
There has been an increasing amount of hits to my download server over the past month or so, with people in remote locations (read:Yugoslavia) downloading large files. In the past month alone there were over 2000 music downloads, and 18 people downloaded the grenada project! Our DSL connection has been severely slowed, so I have been forced to take down most of the files on EDS. The hosted images should still be there, please email me if there is a problem with an image I'm hosting for you.

I should be able to implement a secure download server and give out passwords to friends or find (bleech) an external host for some of the files, maybe Alex Tramiel could host the Catman do movies (i'm going to ask him about it). Until that time, there will only be a few files available for download. I apologize for the inconvenience.


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