New and exciting stuff around the corner. Neight and I will be starting work on our first film project soon. This is not the same as the one previously discussed. I'm not really at liberty to disclose too much at this time about this or the other two projects.

The editing station has been spewing a lot of crap in my direction as of late, and it's getting consistently more difficult to edit. I believe I can still pull everything together on time, and if worst comes to worst, we can always show the rough cut at school instead of the finished movie.

I have most of the specific sound effects we'll be using, and I'll be able to take the rest of the ambient fire straight from medal of honor. (I'm really glad I bought the game- even though I don't play it much anymore, it's been useful for sound effects and music for Expendable and the Grenada Project.)

With summer and freedom up ahead, this is looking to be a pretty good month. Stay tuned for more updates- same bat blog, same bat channel.


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