E-mail hell.
Mozilla Thunderbird

I spent the greater part of today switching my mail client from Netscape Communicator (which was crapping out) to Mozilla Thunderbird. What I didn't realize is that one little checkbox was going to give me a lot of trouble.

When I first set up my laptop, I was using my desktop computer primairly, so I didn't want e-mail messages to wind up only on the laptop. Therefore, I configured Communicator to leave the messages on the mail server, effectively copying them instead of moving them each time I checked my email. This worked fine at the time, because my desktop comp was configured to move the mail and served as the main repository. The problem is that once my windows desktop machine was reincarnated into my linux-based download server, all my mail was left to pile up on the bambi server.

I didn't know about this problem until today, when I had Thunderbird check my mail for the first time and watched in shock as it began to download over ten thousand emails dating back to the year 2000. That's around four years worth of spam crammed into my inbox. Yeowch.

After a few hours of siphoning out wanted mail into the "not spam" folder, I whacked away at my inbox with Thunderbird's adaptive spam filter. What makes it adaptive is that the filter actually improves with your input of what is spam and what isn't, making it more efficient with each message marked as junk. Anyway, my inbox is in order now, I've imported my adress book from Communicator, and I'll stop ranting about tech stuff nobody understands or cares about.

On a side note- I have five Gmail invites left. If you want one, send an email to fadookie@gmail.com and I'll consider giving you one.


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