Hey all. Sorry I haven't updated in a while. A lot is happening, although I feel like not much is going on. Anyway, here is the lowdown on current events:

Heliopolis Project: The documentary is picking up momentum as I now have a tentative deadline for the initial cut. I was also privelidged to attend a lunch and site inspection with many people involved in the construction and operation of the Bracewell Observatory, including Professor Bracewell himself. I shot footage during the inspection, and there is also a still gallery online, although it is automatically generated and admittedly pretty crappy (but the photos themselves are nice).

Bike (The Ralston/101 Overcross Movie): As many of you know, we completed out final cut about a week ago and sumbitted the final product to the city of belmont. The response we recieved was strange- even though this was presented as a contest, they now want us to combine our movie with another person's movie and shoot new footage to merge them together. The way this is being proposed is total bullshit, and I'd like to discuss some alternatives with the city. I talked to Mrs. Chun (the Film & Video teacher) about it today, and she was less than cooperative, to say the least.

My Homepage (EDS v3.0): I had stopped working on this for a time, but I picked it up again today. My recent changes include tidying up the XHTML and optimizing the style sheet for Mozilla Firefox. I also started toying with page icons.

Project Aqua: I've decided to join the Project Aqua team as a dialogue writer. This is a student collaboration to create an RPG in the Java language.

Liquid Strike III: We are hoping to film this week (possibly on thursday or friday, as they are days off).

That sums up the important stuff.
Peace out.


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