Great news! The sound work for Expendable is complete, and I'm going to edit Liquid Strike II: Brotherhood of Vengeance soon. I plan to get it all done this weekend (when heather's not here, so I can use the editing station uninterrupted). I should be able to digitize, edit, and dump the movie all in one day if I work solid.

Expendable is almost ready to be put onto DVD. We still need to record the commentary and edit the blooper reels/special features. All of the neccessary stuff is at alex's house, although he will be away on vacation for about two weeks. When he gets back, I will edit the special features on his system and we'll finally compile the DVD.

Also, I posted a couple of the better dive photos taken last winter during my trip to Curacao. You can find them at http://eliot.bambi.net/eliot/Personal/Photography/Dive/.

Breathe Deep.


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