Good news!
I was one of the winners at Carlmont of the PTA "Reflections" program, with a photo I submitted of an american flag towel. My photo is now going to the regional competition, so that should be cool. If it gets far enough they may even display it or something.

Neyht and I might have a gig this friday, as choir wants us to tape their concert. More news on that if anything comes of it.
The final revisions of out bike movie are to be submitted tomorrow, meaning that we've fucked it up just like belmont wants it. Mrs. Chun *coughcough* will be submitting our original [read: good] version to some sort of film contest, and Mr. Craig wants us to enter Expendable into another contest thing. I guess you can never have too many contests.

By the way, a few others and I have decided to begin researching certain paranormal threats. We've split up our specialties as follows:
Neyht - Zombies (see his report)
Josh - Vampires
Me - Necromancy (animated skeletons, cthulhu mythos)
Robert - Lycanthropes (werewolves and such)
We may divulge some of our findings at a later date.


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