Summertime, and the living's easy...
well, not entirely, but it's a relief to have school over.

The best news is that I got my hands on a G4 with Final Cut Pro 4 HD! I have to wait to get a working monitor for it, should have one by monday.

I've got a mental todo list for this summer. It'll be interesting to see what I accomplish. This is how it's falling right about now:

  • Edit wedding video

  • Edit DVD version of expendable

  • Produce "Study Session" (a short comedy film)

  • Edit some gameplay trailers

  • Work on Project Aqua, write new XML Specification and scripts

  • Create an elite mod for Vegastrike

  • Finally finish new website (EDS v3.0)

  • Create online photography portfolio

  • Do summer reading

  • Attend a 2-week spanish class that counts for a year (ugh)

  • Visit colleges

  • Do a film/video production internship

I'll be satisfied if I finish about half that crap.


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