New Compu-tar!
It's about time for me to take my poor Inspiron out to pasture. The LCD screen is literally falling off (it's okay, since the screen stopped functioning months ago). The battery is dead, it is disk-space deprived and memory-starved and hooked up to a life-support network consisting of an external monitor, mouse, hard drive, and constant power supply. I had asked for money towards a car this Hannukah, but I decided that a computer would be more immediately useful so I decided to buy myself one.

Anyway, I'm on a budget, so I ordered an eMachines T3256, which is a steal at $400*. I hate eMachines for some reason, and so does Robert Muller (I learned this when I told him what kind of computer I was planning on buying), although neither of us can figure out why.

Oh well, they're dirt cheap for what they come with. It has a nice-sized hard drive, a decent amout of RAM, and a speedy processor, which is all I really want. I'll need to install a firewire card once it arrives, but that's no big deal. Also, I ordered a nifty little device called a KVM switch that lets me use the same keyboard, monitor, and mouse with two computers, in this case my new desktop machine and my server. This will aid me in updating my website more frequently since it will be less of a pain in the ass, seeing as right now I have to crawl around the back and fool with my monitor cable every time I need to get on to my server.

Speaking of my website, I'm making progress on version 3.0, believe it or not. Getting the color scheme right is still giving me a headache, as is using one stylesheet for the whole site instead of embedded CSS. The good news is that I figured out how to have a nifty little randoquote box, which pops up some random Voltaire, Neyht, and Maddox (among others) for your reading pleasure.

A little movie news for y'all:
-Neyht and I shot the choir during their winter concert. I think we got 'em all.
Neyht might have a tape ready in a while, but it all depends on when he can get the nine hours of footage logged in.

-Something will be happening for Liquid Strike III. Soon. Really.

-Evidently, Tomas wants to finish shooting Underdog over break, but I have yet to hear from him.

-Neyht and I have been asked to tape and edit a wedding video for a friend of Ms. Chun. If we accept, this will be our first paying job, at around $150 for each of us if I recall correctly.

That about sums it up for right now. I found out that my reflections photograph got an "award of excellence" (which is supposedly some kind of special merit at the school-level). I still haven't heard how it's doing at the region, but an extra ribbon can never hurt. I also finally found the Carlmont Arts Website where my photogram was posted. Check out the other stuff there- we have a lot of talented people at our school (they're hard to spot amdist the sea of assholes).

Wakka wakka wakka!
Pac-man devours a roll of film. ©2004 Eliot Lash, beeotches.

*Refurbished, with mail-in rebate. Order now while supplies last!


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