Hello! It's been quite a while since my last update.

I had a great vacation in Oahu. We stayed up on the north shore of the island, away from commercial sprawl of waikiki. We also did four boat dives- two shallow reef dives at about 35 feet, and a wreck dive at 100 feet. The wreck dive was an ordeal unto itself; just about everything went wrong. I'll post my log entry from that dive when I get the dive pictures back.

We also spent a day and a half at the Polynesian Cultural Center, and I took a whole shitload of digital photos there. I also shot some decent quality video of the fire dancers. I will post both at a later date, hopefully along with the dive photos.

In recent events, Neyht and I were interviewed for an article in the San Jose Mercury News. As the article was about a student film contest, I expected only a passing mention, but the segment on us exceeded my expectations. I've reprinted that segment here:

Eliot Lash and Neyht Barker, both 16, sent Shelby a copy of ``The Belmont Bridge Project,'' a film commissioned by the Belmont City Planning Department about the need for a Highway 101 overcrossing for pedestrians.

The two Carlmont High School juniors already have years of filmmaking behind them and they know what they want -- they worked on a seven-minute anti-war film called ``Expendable'' for four years.

Eliot wants to be a film editor, Neyht a director, and their college plans are forming accordingly. But ``my mom wants me to minor in something like business so I can support myself,'' Neyht said.

What now, punks?!?!

The entire article may be viewed on the Mercury Website, but it may bug you for a login. You could also grab a paper copy, on shelves today.


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