Today is the sixth anniversary of this blog. This is my 258th post.
As I've been concentrating most of my recent efforts on getting Rantbox off the ground, I thought I would step back and take the time to lay out my plans.

Rantbox is decked out with all the latest blogging tools, and I am focusing the content on a few categories of general interest such as filmmaking, technology, and law. I will keep this blog, my personal blog, in operation as a place to put up whatever comes to my mind that would be out of place on a blog intended for general readership. I would like to use this blog as more of a personal and creative outlet.

Here are some of things I will continue to post here:

  1. Poetry, as always.

  2. Excerpts from my Dream log. I've only just started keeping a Dream log and I think I can pull out some interesting stuff.

  3. Updates on personal film projects. I will also keep posting Catman do news to the Catman do Blog.

  4. Anything else that I deem too personal for Rantbox.

So, think of this blog as my metaphorical right brain, and Rantbox as my left.

Six years is a long time, and I've changed a lot since I began. (I was twelve years old when I started this blog!) Not everything I write here is particularily significant or insightful, but it forms a series of snapshots of the interests and concerns that were at the front of my mind. I hope to continue this practice in the coming years. In some ways, I see this blog as a collection of small fragments of my life and the time in which I was living. It's not much, but at its best it can become a window into a time that has since passed.


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Blogger Marc and Trevor said...

Porque tienes una fotografia de sus lentes? No entiende el concepto.

5:47 PM  
Blogger Trevor Azote said...

Why did you stop playing armagetron? By the way, don't try to contact me 5/14/08-5/24/08, I will be at the Grand Canyon. Also, your tron tape fell apart, but I was still able to watch it.

5:52 PM  

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