Hello all.
I'm sick this weekend, got a head cold, so don't expect mind-boggling material or anything.
Just reassuring evreyone I'm not dead (although I feel like it.)
Well, that's all now.

P.S. This update was made possible by Nate's constant pestering and veiwers like you.


Like the new look?
That "matrix" background wad getting to be an eyesore for me, too.
This is awesome.
(click above text).
I have reformatted the download protocols for my sims webpage, and uploaded all of my objects.
Bon appatite, fellow surfers.


Well, well, well.
No one seems to be backing my conspiracy theory, huh?
Anyways, I'm writing to say that you can rest assured that my website is webtv-compliant. I'm positive. How do I know? I'm posting this from one, that's how.
However, I am sure that this site is compatible with Internet Exploiter, but you will experience it to the fullest with Netscape Communicator (NOT Netscape 6)
Well that's all, folks!


I think i've discovered a new conspiracy:
Sid Meier and Firaxis are teaming up with Maxis to make The Sims Online. I gather this from the fact that on thesims.com yesterday, they say that Sid Meier has been sighted at Maxis, and will be working on a secret project there. Also, in an interveiw with Sid by Computer Gaming World, he says that we are on the verge of a new era in multiplayer gaming, mabye The Sims Online will do it. If anyone has found anymore evidence, please e-mail me.


Well, I'm goin on vacation, so don't expect new content for the neday or two (but on the upside, the download server's up!)
I'm writing this from linux.


Welcome to Neopets!
Check this site out
(if you're a member, link up with me, I'm all for neofreinds, username: "leotay")
Well, it's lonley old eliot again. Not much happenin' today, picked out an invitation for my Bar Mitzvah, resisted the tempattion to get a side order of fresh baked cornbread with my boston chicken.
See ya all later!


Well, it's Shulchan Oreh (The Great Feast) time already, hope evereyone's having matzah fun (if you pardon my feeble pun).
Well, this day is completley wasted (it's pesach.)
Jews around the planet say goodbye to bread for a week.


Well, I've completed the "The Sims" object i've been working on: Flammable Turds. Now i just have to figure out how to post the darn thing...
Hey, eliot here. Just testin' out my blog...