I just went to McDonalds and got not one, not two, but three Ninja Monkeys!

And to top it off, I also recieved a *free* "Carlos The Mexican Rat Mole with a Sombrero".


I made a small update to my biography page. I might actually get around to updating the site itself soon... nah.



Robert (the clog dude) has informed me that EDS has gained a bit of a cult following, which is good by me!
I think I'll post some new stuff to keep you dawgs at bay.

Have fun!


Gamma Squad entered production yesterday. Today we put the finishing touches on our costumes and packed down to water dog lake to film the firefight in Scene 2.

We still have a lot of filming ahead of us, but so far so good!

P.S. Be Sure to check out the brand spankin' new [ b o b c u b e d ] webcomic.