Extreme biking! LS3 fine cut! Long ass hikes, eating healthy, unix hacking, sleeping at odd hours.
Not so bad for a summer but I still feel like I need to kick it up a notch.

Looks like the Apple job isn't gonna pan out. Maybe next year.

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So, first year of college is finally over. It's a relief- it was crazy. I disappointed myself but managed to pull a decent average out of the bag, so what the hell. I'll try to not slack off so much next year.

This summer has been mediocre so far, although I've been trying to pack it full of stuff to do and I think I've more than succeeded.
School has been out for almost a month. A lot has happened, and a lot hasn't.

Things I'm looking forward to:

  • A part-time job at the Apple Store, if I get it.

  • Getting microeconomics out of the way, and hopefully finding some way to apply it to:

  • the production business I'm trying to start with Nate. If all goes well, our first video shoot will be this weekend at the Fox.

  • ┬┐Internships?

  • Getting shit done on Project Aqua.

  • Finishing Liquid Strike 3, finally!

Things I'm not looking forward to:

  • Post-post-postmodernism or some sort of dadaist new wave

  • Death and taxes

  • Our sun burning out, universal entropy

After making that list I figured I should just get it all off my chest, so here's a post-post-modern dadaist new wave poem about death, taxes, the sun burning out, and universal entropy:

Sun shifter?! The identity
FACTOR of which killed
and from reborn, WHAT<>
I wait below
above, beyond
moon sun rain earth die
cold showers broken, nozzles
die, die, dead.

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