Burn bar is back online. You may now resume your antics.


Remeber when I was talking about digitally remastering my dad's old Super-8 Films? Well, I'm still working on it, and have just published "Lost in Meditation", one of my favorite International Films sketches. You can now view it at:
http://eliot.bambi.net/eliot/Film/Meditation.mov (23 Mb)
(By the way, it's a low quality quicktime, so don't start bitching about a shitty master cause it looks fine on video)

Also, the burn bar seems to be down and the activetopic webstite is not responding. Just use the comment system for right now, if activetopic continues to have problems I'll find another script or write one of my own.


'lo all. Nothing much happening in... anything, really. No updates. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Squat. Null. You get the picture.

I got the idea to make a Fragfest map for counter-strike (that would be my house). Sounds like a bunch of other dumb maps that people make of their house, right? Maybe. We'll see how it turns out.

In other news, I like cheetos.


I've hacked together a Burn Bar Archives page, which displays quite a few recent posts (but not all of them, unfortunately. Still working on that.). You can also access it from the blog Archives listing.
The Hope Valley Trip Two photos are now online and can be accessed at http://eliot.bambi.net/eliot/Personal/Photography/Hope-ValleyII/

They are my largest collection of digital photographs to date. I've gone through the trouble of rooting through eight floppy disks to find the best pictures for your enjoyement. Enjoy them or suffer the consequences.

Sorensen's All Season Resort


I just got home around an hour ago. That was a pretty good vacation.
Me and my family enjoyed a number of "so alpine!" activities, including sitting around a cabin, cross-country skiing, sitting around a cabin, snowshoing, sitting around a cabin, and eating. Good food, mind you.

I have a ton of photos from the trip. I'll be picking out the good ones and posting them soon. Unlike my previous set of Hope Valley photos, the new set spans the entire trip instead of just the return.

Looks like my Burn Bar has seen some action while I was away. Sounds like good news. I've read through the archives (which I'm attempting to make public) and have laughed out loud more than once. Shout outs to my main flamethrowers Neight and Tomas.

In terms of production for Expendable, this week wasn't totally wasted. See the Catman do Blog for more details.


Fuuuuck my nose is bleeding oh god make it stop for the love pf god and all that is holy!
Boiling package of beans.
Somebody skipped step one.


Wohoo, I get to go skiing!!! I leave tomorrow, and come back sometime next weekend. Hope I don't break anything. Hahahahahahahaha!
Now that I've figured out how to work blogger ftp, I may be moving my blog off blogspot and onto my homepage fairly soon. w00t.


Hah. I got the iPod plugin for Winamp 5 working. Hahahahahaha. AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!
I spent yesterday and today teaching myself Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS. I think that I'm going to use it extensively for version 3.0 of my homepage. About time I got around to that, no?

The reasons I want to use CSS are numerous. The first is that it makes page design a whole lot easier by allowing you to focus on the content and have the look of the page dictated by a separate file. This also means that if multiple pages refer to the same file for their style sheet, modifying that one file will modify the appearance of all the other pages. Needless to say, with a site like mine, that's a very cool thing to have.


I am so on my fucking break.
I'm breakin' like bacon. Speaking of which, I'm hungry. I'm gonna go make myself a little breakfast. Breakfast, that is. Hahaha.


Carnegie Melon

A student attending at Carnegie Mellon
Had during his finals a craving for melon.
He went to the market and looked through the store.
He purchased their stock and then asked for some more.

He sliced up the gourds with great care and great speed
and washed them all down with a pint of cold meade.
His belly was full and he almost did spew
out some ripe canteloupe and some fresh honeydew.

The student, now full, returned to his dorm
and through his studies came back to the norm.
However, young children will ask for a tellin'
of the student who ate up at Carnegie Mellon.

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Yozza. It's almost friday and I'm fucking elated.
I think that whoever invented the week needs to be taken out back and shot. I mean what the fuck were they smoking?
"Hey Jim, I had this great idea last night. It's called a mon-day."
"Rob, last night you drank a pint and blacked out."
"Yeah yeah, but it's a great idea. Y'see, we all have to wake up reeeal early and go to someplace we don't like."
"Rob, shut your pie hole."
I mean, who the hell needs such a banal day? I say we get rid of monday. Period. Jump straight from sunday to tuesday.
So that's my two cents. Fuck all ye who enjoy the sound of their alaurms, like ye old Robbe,
who had is arse handed to him repeatedly in ye olde barre fights.


So I still need to fiddle a little, but I did get the iPod working with iTunes (snort) on my Mom's computer. Because she's running XP. Fuckers.

It's pretty sweet though, I've also tested it out as a secondary hard drive and it worked great (after an initial bout of frustration, of course). I put my Red vs Blue archives on it and was able to run it over to the Editing Station to view them. So it's pretty cool.

Now I just gotta get my laptop to recognize it as something other than a hard drive. Grrrr.


In an act of technological blasphemy great enough to be recorded in the annals of geek history, I calmly walked in to the Palo Alto Apple store today and purchased a 15 GB iPod.
She's a beaut. I don't even want to fuck with iTunes, so I'm currently configuring a plugin for my Winamp. Suckas.


Neight came over today. We finished the Scene 2 Rough Cut for Expendable. He farted a lot. Then we played fragfest. He demanded a pizza and a stripper whore, but nobody gave him one. Poor Neight.

Anyway, the rough cut looks good. We still need to film the pick-ups and tie those in, but things are looking up. I'm also working on an outtakes reel which is shaping up to be pretty funny.

"We don't need technology to make shit into pancakes"
-Neight Barker
Ha! FOMF is over and I'm having a fucking ball. I went to see Lost in Translation today, and actually liked it.

Chris Curran is in the process of making a blog, I'll be sure to post a link when he gets it online. And Neight made himself a shoutbox. Funny how I steal his ideas and travel back in time to implement them first.

In other news, Neight is gonna come over tomorrow so we work on the next version of the Expendable Scene 2 rough cut. Should be fun, I'll keep you guys informed.


Here at the Carlmont library waiting for FOMF to start. It's totally crazy. We sat around at the student union for like four hours listening to some guy blab on for hours about this sheet thingy which we couldn't see.
It was sort of fun though, I played table hockey with Chris Curran (my partner for FOMF) with this snap that fell off my jacket. It was neat. It fell off the table a lot.

The library is filled WAY beyond maximum capacity. The amount of people here gives whole new meaning to the term "student body". The body heat is stuffing up the place to epic proportions.

Chris Curran says "I've wasted two hours of my life and I want them back... oh, I'll probably just piss them away on hookers and drugs." I rarely understand what he's talking about.
Garrett Somers states "Fuck bearaucracy. FOMF is the most retarded thing I've ever had the disprivelige of participating in." "Meh," he continued. "I would rather do this then slave away over a desk for hours doing a research pap...oh wait! I am going to be doing that trying to find proofs for this damn thing! FUCK LIFE! DIE!" I love Garrett. He is so smart, and so cool. He is my hero.
Tomas Seidita commented "It is currently 6:40. What the fuck have these people been doing for the past hour? What the fuck is going on? I have a migraine and I want to go home." Poor Tomas. His medication is finally kicking in.
Maurice Urbain declined to comment.


Somebody is writing poetry out of spam mail subject lines.
Very cool.


Hello all, smack dab in the middle of a lame week.
It's admittedly not that bad, I've got a chem test. I should do okay.

I cannot fucking believe that my english grade is a C. I didn't think your grade could drop that fast in two weeks. It's nuts.
You'd think it would take MORE work to have it go down the toilet with such punctuality.
Anyway, it shouldn't be huge trouble bringing it up. It's currently based off of maybe four assignments. Psh.

Garret and Tomas made a pretty cool movie called "Served Cold, As You Like It." You can view it for a limited time only on EDS.

At any rate, the shoutbox seems to be turning into a flame bar, which I have no problems with. Go give it a shot- just bring some ICE. Cause you might get BURNED.


I'm waaay behind the times on this one folks, but be sure to check out Red vs Blue if you haven't already. It's funny as hell.


Neight has proposed the laughable deadline of finishing Gamma Squad Expendable by next month. Here is our current task list:

  • Film Scene 2 Pick-ups

  • Complete Scene 2 Rough Cut

  • Complete Scene 2 Final Cut

  • Get Costumes For Scene 1

  • Film Scene 1

  • Edit Scene 1 Rough Cut

  • Edit Scene 1 Final Cut

  • Edit Expendable Final Cut

  • Record DVD Commentary

  • Assemble DVD Special Features

  • Somehow Get DVD Materials To Unscripted Studios

  • Create and Finalize DVD

  • Burn and Distribute DVD

A month. Riiiight.
Added a shoutbox to the sidebar. Yay.
Go ahead and give it a spin, I'd like to see if it works.


This month is finally over. Hooray!
2004 seems to be dragging along nicely. The first week of second semester felt like a month, hopefully time will get off its lazy ass next week.
FOMF coming up next weekend, looks to be fun. However, this probably means that I won't be able to get do any collaborative editing with Neight for a few weeks.

Looks like I might actually get around to making a Macbeth parody with a couple of friends. The idea is to make an action movie in Counter-strike. Shouldn't back up my other projects, all we have to do is meet for an afternoon at Jonathan Kurniawan's house and hook up a bunch of computers. I can probably edit it in less than a day.

On side news, I'm helping a friend of mine out with his awesome news/forums site called Gorilla-san. The gorilla-san forums are the shit. Check it out, it also has the "Your Poems" thread where all my veggie poetry originates from.