Gah. I've been sick for the entire four-day thanksgiving weekend break. Blecch.

And to top it off- homework, lots of it. And I probably wont even go to school tomorrow.
Well, I suppose that's not too bad.


THE LARAMIE PROJECT IS OVER. What a trip- It was quite an experience to be a part of such a powerful production.
Now I get more time to work on other junk, especially layering on b-roll material for The Grenada Project. If all goes well, we'll do a major editing session today and I'll be able to finish the final cut without a hitch. I'm hoping the interview with the veteran goes well- I'm not feeling too confident about Josh's recording system.


Gahh, too much crap going on right now.
The play I'm involved in (doing slide projection for) The Laramie Project, has only one more rehearsal left until showtime. Luckily, all the work I've been putting into the Grenada Project has me ahead of the game, so I get to slack for a few days in terms of editing.

On top of this, I have a hare-brained essay due tomorrow for my AVID class, as well as a war poem for english and daily shit for chemistry and math.

Funny, as this amount of work will most likely be a breeze compared to what I'll have next year. Death to the infidels!


It's the end of the world as we know it!
I finished digitizing the interview footage today, and finished the rough cut. I'm still waiting for physical photos from Garrett, which will be easy to incorporate, and the phone interview from josh, which will be more tricky.

Things look good- I could probably turn the rough cut in right now and get an A. However- I'm a perfectionist (at least on this project) so I'm gonna be doing some trimming of loose ends and tightening of long sequences. I also want to work in the part about the undercover scuba diving.

I've decided not to start off the movie with a clip of Maynard as planned- I tested it out and the opening is much stronger if I show the real footage and the montage first, then do the interviews. My job now is matching overlays for the interviews- mainly of pictures or clips related to the content.

Stay tuned folks!


This shirt goes by many names: some you are worthy to hear.

It's my objective to rid my wardrobe of old navy shirts by the end of the year.
The pieces of the Grenada Project are falling into place- I've reviewed the Maynard Robinson and Steve Harding interviews and digitized the re-enactment footage (I'm currently tweaking the rough cut). We have yet to conduct the phone interview with the veteran, and I still have to digitize the interview footage and possibly scan additional photos for use in the montage.

If we keep up the pace, we should have no trouble kicking evereyone's asses and blowing everyone's expectations. w00t.


Writing from my clerking period:
Things are looking good for the Grenada Project. We are sticking closely to our production schedule, and have completed filming the interviews with Maynard Robinson and Steve Harding. Tomorrow (Veteran's Day) we will shoot the re-enactment footage all day long. That gives me plenty of time to digitize and edit the footage, and maybe even enough time for a screening.

And a final word:
"Billy says: Death Kills!"

Eliot out.


Nate has demanded another blog post. Well fuck you and your little dog too.

Okay, new movies may be posted soon. I have been looking through some old hi-8 tapes of my home movies and have found a few homespun gems. These include:
"007: The New James Bond" aka James Bond Jr.
"Indiana Jones and the Helmet of the Cannibals"
"Rebel Torture" (our first movie ever)
"Whatever Happened To The Enterprise?"
"Flight Of The Flamingo"/"Action Man 2000"/"Lost In Meditation II"

I've captured some of these onto my cousin's editing station and may pick a few to convert to quicktime and upload onto EDS. I'll be sure to post if I am going to upload any of them.


Wohoo! Here's my plan for the rest of the week:

ThursdayFail Math Test [x]
FridayFail Chemistry Test [ ]

Looks like fun folks! I'll be sure to tell you all when I flunk out of school.


I called in sick today. Yay, I finally have some time to myself! Too bad I have a headache...
I got plenty of time to play around on my cousin Heather's editing station. Combined with what I learned today from experimentation and what I learned yesterday from the crash course she gave me, I should have no trouble pulling off the editing for the Grenada Project.

What is the Grenada Project, you ask?
It's my and Neight's response to an English assignment for school. We decided to make a film about the Grenada Invasion of the Reagan era. It has recently been replacing Gamma Squad as my labor of love. Fear not- gamma squad will happen, it has simply been put on the back burner due to the nature of the Grenada Project- we have only one month left until the due date.

When it's done, it's gonna blow away our English teacher, and if I ever upload it onto EDS, hopefully it'll impress you as well. It will include interviews with Maynard Robinson (who was responsible for planning the invasion), Steve Harding (a military historian/author who wrote a book about the grenada inavsion) and a Veteran of the invasion itself. We will include both real footage and our own re-enactments.

Folks, this is looking good.


The Great Exalted One has requested that there be more freakin' posts, so here goes a rant:
Oh my fucking god, I hate them. They look all hardcore and shit, but then BOOM! Their fucking music is like some half-baked boy band. I mean, check out these lyrics:

"girls don't like boys girls like cars and money/
boys will laugh at girls when they're not funny"

Um, YAY you half-assed DOUCHEBAGS. Okay, I'm done. These fucks aren't even worth ranting about.

"Good charlotte? More like a mediocre green day." - Chris Rock