Hey all. I've got some hot new shit going on.

But first, some status updates.
Yes, I got a car. It's a tricked out rice rocket for sure. Oh yeah, and it's green.

As for Project Aqua, it's coming along well. Robert and I are making good progress on the programming side (Robert more so than myself).

Now on to the hot new shit.
Tomas and I decided to open up our own shop on Cafe Press to sell all the cool stuff we had ideas for. This has spun off into two shops so far (more to come, since Cafe Press is stingy with how much merch you are allowed in a free shop).

Sidecars Are For Bitches.

First off we have Smother Party, a delightfully offensive shop with awesome shirts like "Sidecars are For Bitches" and Tomas' awesome rendition of Muller's classic "Go McFuck Yourself".

Second is the Jesus Christ Superstore which has our "Super Jesus" Tee (Tomas did the logo, I did the text) and my personal favorite, "Turn Up The Jesus". It also has a few designs with the 3D cross I made.

So, I hope you buy some of our awesome merchandise. We don't make a cent off it- the prices are left at base so that you get a great deal!

I'll post some pictures of my car when my "Sidecars Are For Bitches" bumper sticker arrives.