Shit. I need sleep. Baaaaaaaad.


Fuckin' archives are fried. I'll look into it.
Finals on Tuesday. Well, woop-de shit.
I have to get off my lazy ass and get mandrake onto EDS so I can actually edit the freakin outdated pages, but who has the time?

Well, I do, but most of it is spent reading Penny Arcade and Megatokyo, plus playing TSO(falling interest)/War3(rising interest).

And hello Nate, you're probably the only one who will ever read this.

Eliot out.(Blatant rip of PA's blog)


Hi. This is from the only person in this world that dilegently checks this blog. I have been mentioned in a below messege. My messege for you guys (me) I LIKE COOKIE DOUGH! see ya