Summertime, and the living's easy...
well, not entirely, but it's a relief to have school over.

The best news is that I got my hands on a G4 with Final Cut Pro 4 HD! I have to wait to get a working monitor for it, should have one by monday.

I've got a mental todo list for this summer. It'll be interesting to see what I accomplish. This is how it's falling right about now:

  • Edit wedding video

  • Edit DVD version of expendable

  • Produce "Study Session" (a short comedy film)

  • Edit some gameplay trailers

  • Work on Project Aqua, write new XML Specification and scripts

  • Create an elite mod for Vegastrike

  • Finally finish new website (EDS v3.0)

  • Create online photography portfolio

  • Do summer reading

  • Attend a 2-week spanish class that counts for a year (ugh)

  • Visit colleges

  • Do a film/video production internship

I'll be satisfied if I finish about half that crap.


Two more weeks of school left. Things are getting nutty.
Photography has turned into a real beast of a class... although I will have stuff to show when It's all over. I already have scanned in the majority of my best work, and I'm planning to add a gallery to my new homepage (whenever the hell I sit down for ten minutes and get it into a workable state.)

Also, though Heather did not get that cruise ship job after all, I'm going to check out a G4 from the comp sci lab with.... Final Cut Pro 4! Yay.
It will be awesome to have a real editing station once more. I'll primarily be using it to edit the wedding video that Neyht and I are doing as a contract job.
It seems a little bit odd though, because even though he hasn't even logged the footage he's going to get half the pay. So what the hell is he getting payed for? Having "the eye"?

Oh yes... the one-acts. I have only one word to say about them: Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeyat.

That's all for now. Peace out.