Hey all.
Today marks the end of the summer, with school starting at 8:00 tomorrow morning. I'ts been months since I've woken up that early... uuugh.

Junior year should be interesting. I've noticed a change in my outlook on life each year, and no doubt I will form another one this year. I'm hoping to enjoy myself more in the coming year, and maybe do a little bit better at school. All in all, let's have fun and make some kickass movies!

Here's to the future.



Oscar gone WILDE!

Peace out.


As it turns out, Neyht has my Hi-8 master tape of Liquid Strike II. Since I can't edit LS2 until he gives it back to me, I've decided to start redesigning my homepage (as I had planned to). Here is a quick screenshot of my initial Mock-up:

Right now it doesn't seem to be drastically different from my current one, but I plan to add background graphics and such to spruce it up. Also, you'll notice I have space set aside for content. This is the most important change from the current version of my homepage. Comments are welcome!


Great news! The sound work for Expendable is complete, and I'm going to edit Liquid Strike II: Brotherhood of Vengeance soon. I plan to get it all done this weekend (when heather's not here, so I can use the editing station uninterrupted). I should be able to digitize, edit, and dump the movie all in one day if I work solid.

Expendable is almost ready to be put onto DVD. We still need to record the commentary and edit the blooper reels/special features. All of the neccessary stuff is at alex's house, although he will be away on vacation for about two weeks. When he gets back, I will edit the special features on his system and we'll finally compile the DVD.

Also, I posted a couple of the better dive photos taken last winter during my trip to Curacao. You can find them at http://eliot.bambi.net/eliot/Personal/Photography/Dive/.

Breathe Deep.


Heyos. I got back from my trip yesterday with plenty of cool stories. On saturday I flew down to san diego with my parents and heather. We went to the bar mitzvah in the evening and the dinner afterwards. There were kiddie gambling tables (fake money, real games) there and I broke even at blackjack. Nothing to write home about, but I used the chips to buy gift certificates to baskin robbins.

The reason this bar mitzvah is one of the best I've been to in a while really came up the next day, at the party. It was a place called david and buster's which is an arcade gamer's wet dream. It's like the metreon arcade but with food, beer, and a helluva lot more games. Whoo.

I'm hella better at Galaga than this guy.

I played stand-ups of Space Invaders, Joust, Asteroids, Strider, Centipede, Missle Command, and Galaga, of course. Playing Galaga was intense. I probably I blew around $10 on that one game, but it was well worth it. I got past level 68 at least (I forget which one I ran out of money on) but I scored upards of 450,000. As far as I know, that's around half the points possible in the game. Not too shabby. (I also made it to the #4 slot for centipede hi scores board with 92589 points, which isn't bad considering I seldom play it.)

It was really great seeing my cousins and I went over to their house afterwards. When it was over, It was time to depart on the second leg of this mini-vacation: the drive back.

I decided to drive back with my grandparents instead of flying back. This turned out to be a great decision as there was lots of neat stuff on the way. We stopped off in Long Beach (where the queen mary is moored) to visit a brazillian family. It's a long story, but one of the women there is the sister-in-law of some lost family in brazil that we're trying to meet. Anyway, they were awesome cooks and nice people all around.

'I spy with my sexy eye something starts with S.' 'Is it sign?' 'Um... no.' 'Yes it is! Sign is only word you know how to spell.' 'I can spell 'beefs' too.' -Weebl and Bob

After spending the night in long beach, it was time to pack off once again. This time, Destination: Solvang. It's a touristy little scandinavian village that I like a lot, and it was great to go back.

Don Quixote's final nemisis. (I took this picture, thak you very much.)

I saw my friend Jack there (he lives about two miles away), and we ate at a danish Smørgasboard. He also told me about this awesome weapons shop downtown where I finally found a reasonably priced....
Katana! Doooooooosh.

It seems as if everyone in suburbia has one of these nowadays. I know Neyht (is that how you're spelling it now?) has a set with a Katana, Wakizashi, and Tanto (that's what the seppuku one is called, I believe). Robert has a similar set, minus the tanto. It would be cool as fuck to make some sort of samurai movie with 'em.

I'll post pics of my entire dagger (and now sword) collection once I get a new digital camera, as the old one broke after so many years. For now, here's a pic of the late Toshirô Mifune in Yojimbo. Classic movie, go rent it.
I don't know which is cooler- the katana or the yukata.


Heyah! I'm down in san diego for the weekend for my cousins' bar mitzvah, so I'll see everyone later. I should be getting back monday or possibly tuesday (we're flying out and driving back).

When I get back, It'll be time to wrap up expendable and ship it off to dvd. Once I'm done with that, it'll be easy to finally edit Liquid Strike II.

Gotta go, bye!


Wohoo! Muller finally got a blog. Check out muller on your mind if you know what's best for you.


I finally got my hard drive back from Alex, so I can clean up the sound mix of Ependable before we ship it off to DVD. We plan to have a commentary track, loads of outtakes, unused footage from the first water dog shoot, and possibly a behind-the-scenes featurette along with lots of other stuff. American Death Rider (the movie we made while shooting scene 2) and possibly Zeta Squad will be included on the disc as well.

I'm also going to start editing Liquid Strike II: Brotherhood of Vengeance (aka the movie that josh fucked up). It'll be a snap with my new hard drive. Neight and I are making plans to shoot Liquid Strike III sometime in the near future, so I'll keep y'all posted on what's happening with that.

Peace out.


I went kayaking in monterey bay this weekend. It was really cool. I was in a double with my cuz Heather in the back. We paddled 1.5 miles to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, where a baby harbor seal decided to flop up onto one of our kayaks and take a nap. This was kind of a problem, as there is something like a 20,000 dollar fine for changing the natural behavior patterns of protected wildlife. A guide that was with a big group af kayakers helped us get the seal off, and we went the 1.5 miles back to the beach. After that we got clam chowder and taffy. Now that I've been in the water there, I think I'd like to go diving sometime in the kelp forests.

On an interesting side note, I recently found out that John Kerry played bass for a band called The Electras. You can now order a reissue of their first album online. Here's a sample of the Democratic Presidential Cantidate rocking out. Find out more at KerryRocks.com. Also, this is a good place to plug Johnkerryisadouchebagbutimvotingforhimanyway.com since I love the url.