My little cousin is my biggest critic.
I just got an email from my cousin, Trevor.
Dear Eliot,
I am sorry to say that your website is boring.
Allthough Phoney the
squirrel is a big hit.Squirrel talk,anger,saying
humans are pathetic,
and injuring people whith a french-frie.
Just visit newgrounds.com/Phoney the Sqirrel/

p.s don't end up whith the squirrel,and also type

your 1st cousin Trevor

When I was over at his house helping to set up his internet connection, I surfed to my blog. He said "This website is poorly designed. The text is hard to read."

As if that isn't enough, here is what Neyht had to say:
powerpiper: you got owned by a fourth grader


Happy New Year!
I just got back from my trip to Dorrington. It was pretty fun, and I have some pictures up.

I think that this crop is of higher quality than my last photo dump, during my trip to Hope Valley a year ago. Judge the content for yourself, but there are two factual differences:

  1. These images, taken with our new digital camera, have a much higher resolution (1600x1200)than the previous 640x480.

  2. For better or for worse, this trip yielded way less photos than Hope Valley.

As the saying goes, less is more. Enjoy!