Well, I finally got Linux Mandrake running on EDS (with plenty of help, of course). I'm currently posting with it using Mozilla.
The website is back up (and slightly updated)!
I've added a Netscape Friendly menu and changed my bio slightly. There is a problem with the accessing the /eliot/ directory which I should be able to fix in a day or two. It's great being able to edit the damn thing again!



Summer school sucks big time. I don't really need to be there either, I'm gonna see what I can do about dropping.
Should also soon be posting pics of an agent costuming test.


Summer. Parties. Pools. Fun. Freedom.


"D4mn. When blogger updated my version, I lost all my old posts.
At least the archives work now. Ironic.
posted by Eliot L at 5:57 "
Okay, now it's put me back to the old blogger interface but I lost my new posts. And now the archives don't work. Will blogger make up it's d4mn mind already?
Four days until school ends. w00t!
Got lotsa stuff planned for dis summa-
well, not planned, but I've got lots of stuff to do.

More Catman do, the Nick & Eliot show, scuba diving, vacations, finally fixing my !%$@% server... sounds like a good lineup.