3rd period, I'm at the language lab to browse the net for this stupid AVID assignment. I might have to go soon. Chris is sitting next to me. Hey chris, thanks for watching me type. Chris says: "I hate my teacher, it is hot in here!" That's right chris, there are so many HOTTIES in this room. Hardy har har.

We have dress rehearsal for A Few Good Men after school today, the play is on friday. Ahhh! I know my lines but we're having trouble with the order.

Eurgh, the bottom of my shoe is disgusting. I stepped on a packet of mayo someone left on the ground and it popped, plastering the sole of my shoe and the ground with a stream of something resembling Creme du Jism. Ick.

Oh, and kudos to Tomas, he actually burned someone for a change.

The Eaaand!


Eurgh. STAR testing this week. That, and our play is on friday. Whee.
It's been pretty hot out lately. I got a little dehydrated earlier today and sort of slept it off in 3rd period. I also got some water and a popsicle at the student store before 7th period, so it's all good now.

We shot pick-ups yesterday at a creek near my house. All went well, and I would now like to announce that we are completely done with production for Expendable. The remaining two pick-ups are classified as post-production as to make everyone happy. I'm going to run into problems with editng soon, as I will have to share time and space with my cousins as they are working on a project. What I may be able to do is dump all the music and stuff off my ipod and move all the footage onto there, meaning I could "plug in" Expendable whenever I need to edit it.

This puts the film at probably around 80% complete, well within our master deadline of getting the VHS done before school gets out. Instead of going with the typical 'two weeks' campaign promise, I'm going to say we could realistically complete the final cut in three to four weeks and then dump to VHS. We were planning to premiere it at the independent film club, but seeing as how it rarely ever meets, we might do something at my house.

Sounds like fun in the sun folks. I'll talk to you all once I get heat stroke.


I've been doing some community service this weekend by designing a website for my Mom's jewish center thing. Ernest is also going to help with graphics.
I've also been working on a page for someone that contacted me through my website (hah! hear that? Clients!), you can see the mockup if you really want to. It looks like shit right now but once I finish it it should look decent. The cool thing about it is that I did all the formatting with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). The next iteration of eliot.bambi.net (v3.0) will most likely use CSS.

I was able to get some editing done on the Expendable rough cut this friday. I'd say we're about 75% done with the rough cut and the entire film. After we finish the rough cut we get to do (oh joy) muzzle flares, sound effects, and color correction! Sounds like heaps of fun folks. Peace out.


Hey, this is kind of cool. They don't have a Kill Bill game on the american site.

By the way, I got a Gmail account. Drop me a line at fadookie@gmail.com.


This weekend has been bizarre. I have a lot of moronic homework from various idiotic classes.

We're doing a shitty poetry unit in English class. The poems are alright but the fucking analysis is what sucks. It's like walking into the MOMA with a chainsaw so you can slice up all the paintings to find out what kind of canvas they were painted on. Actually, I'd do that if I had the chance. Bad example.

Anyway, Safety Ed is one of the most mind-numbing classes I've ever taken, which is kind of a mixed blessing as my first period. I can basically bullshit my way through class, but I also have to do all the pathetic homework the night before instead of waiting for 5th period clerking to do it (like I do for my second most mindless class, Algebra).

I also sliced my tongue on a hard candy a few minutes ago. What the fuck!? I didn't even know you could do that. It was bleeding, too.

I never got a chance to shoot robert's eyes (haha) for pick-ups, I really hope I can just get it out of the way sometime next week. And there is no way in hell I'm reshooting any of the shit with Josh again. I want to get this motherfucking production done so we can go to post. Post will take at least two weeks. And of course, our reward is to be laughed at by those video whores in B-7. Fuck them and fuck everything. I hate kittens.


A hoy hoy.
Just got back from the AVID car wash. It wasn't actually that bad, and I got to hang out with Chris.
Saw Kill Bill vol. 2 last night with Garrett, Chris, and Tomas. Very cool, I liked it better than the first half (which was really good).
Pai Mei is the coolest.


Last day of spring break, then back to 'la escuela'. I think that means "purgatory" in english.

Anyhoo, I had to dump all non-essential capture scratches for expendable onto my iPod hard disk because Heather was pissed that there was only six gigs free on her hard drive. This is okay because I still left all of the essential footage on there (meaning I can continue work on the rough cut) but American Death Rider and the Outcuts Reel will have to wait.

Independent Film Club is supposedly meeting on monday, I think I still have moonlighting in my locker. I want the expendable trailer back from ryan so I can show it to those video whores in B-7. If I have time tonight, I might slap together a new trailer including the new footage but I doubt it.

Vae Victus!
Woo, check it out. Something Awful Rapes livejournal. I think livejournal liked it, too.


The Scene 1 shoot went well, but we still have to shoot those damned pick-ups. Once we're done with those, production for Expendable will be complete. If we can slate the shoot early enough, we may be able to release expendable several weeks from now.

I added a "Current Activities" list to my already cluttered sidebar where you can see what is currently holding my attention. If you ever need ideas for cool things to read, cool movies to watch, cool games to play, etc., I assure you that the ones I list are good unless otherwise noted.



Yesterday was... interesting. I went to Stacks with my cousins in the morning for breakfast. We then visited the Union Cemetery in San Mateo. It was cool and kind of creepy. It would be a good setting for that horror movie thing tomas was going to make.

Afterwards we visited Filoli, this cool old mansion that's about five minutes away from my house (surprisingly, this is the first time I've been there). It has a really cool look to it, and the 16 acres of formal gardens are amazing.

My cousin Austin gave me a new guitar pick and showed me how to play the intro to the song he was playing. It sort of got me interested in really learning again, so I went on the internet and taught myself to read tab (Yeah yeah, I know it's easy shit. It took about five minutes) and downloaded some tab. I figured out how to play the intro to Seven Nation Army, so that was pretty cool. It'll be interesting to see how long this spark of enthusiasm lasts before I lapse once again into musical entropy.

But wait- there's more! After I said goodbye to my cousins, I went and had dinner at this cool indian restaraunt with my grandparents. We were gonna see Hellboy but I decided against it, so we went to the video store and rented Ghost World. It turned out to be a good choice- if you ever have the chance, go see it.
Ghost World
I got home and downloaded some sound effects for use in Expendable- this proved to be tricky, as 98% of the sfx on the net suck monkey balls.
I did a little work on the sound mix this morning as well- we captured all of the new clips in mono, so I spread the audio to give it the appearance of being in stereo. The trouble is that the VCR I use for layoffs only has mono input, so you'll have to wait for the DVD in order to appreciate the full glory of the Expendable soundtrack (cough cough).


On April 6th, 2001, I made my first post at 6:05 pm. Today is April 6th, 2004, marking the 3rd anniversary of my Blog.
I've proudly been fostering a community of hatred and despair for three years. Keep up the good work fellows, and don't stop biting each other's heads off until yours is the only one left.





A message to all teeny punks:
Stop writing shitty poetry. We don't give a shit about the pain inside, or how you dropped your fucking ice cream. Someone with the ablilty to be a poser punk obviously doesn't know the meaning of pain. There are children in africa worrying about where their next meal will come from, not about which shitty pre-studded belt they bought at old navy they plan to wear. Good Charlotte SUCKS, Sum 41 SUCKS, P.O.D. SUCKS, and all of your shitty, poser-punk bands can bend over and take it up the ass.
Also, do us a favor and don't mope around all day like a freak. Take some prozac like a normal person and shut the fuck up.

This message has been brought to you by Neight and Eliot's Bad Poetry and Short Stories Trust.


POTWIFLI: Surprise ending to The Passion of The Christ.
I'm sure you all are expecting some great April Fool's joke, right? Like an announcement that EDS is shutting down, that the grateful dead sucks, or that I'm a woman. WRONG!
You're not getting one. Ha.
Went to get my nose cauterized today. I had hoped the silver nitrate would do the trick. Alas, no such luck for our intrepid hero. It's like the neverending fucking story over here, albeit with more blood and tissues. I'm hoping I'll run out of blood soon, but no such luxuries can be afforded.

On the plus side, I got a new Pink Floyd CD- Obscured By Clouds. Observe:

However, my purchase has been dwarfed by Casey's recent acquisition of the Echoes boxed set, in the same manner that Obsucred By Clouds was in fact obscured by the release of Dark Side Of The Moon. Ah well, It's still a fine album.