Wohoo, 6th period. The day is almost over. Those creepy girls were watching tomas again at lunch. I had him chuck my half-eaten brownie at them. I think they ate it.
Hey, I'm in driver's ed.
We're in the computer lab today for some DMV stuff.
Ack- gotta go.


New POTWIFLI posted.
Okay, since Activetopic is going under, I've swapped out the shoutbox for a Tag-Board. It's not as good, I'm working on making it fit better into the sidebar. You can still visit the burn bar archives from the bottom of the archives menu as long as Activetopic is working.


Last week, in the yawning void between 2nd and 4th period that is AVID, I was having a conversation with Chris. Josh had just recited The Raven in English, and I was musing that he would have an easier time meomrizing his lines if they were written in verse. Seeing how I had nothing to do, I wrote a poem set to the rhythm of Jabberwocky.


`Twas morning and the mountain road
did host a river through they wade
all peaceful was the ivy grove
where Arkadiy found his grave.

"Shit." exclaiméd Lash at once
"Hm, Conner" Alloy called the tag
he pulled the noose from off his neck
"We're getting out, in body bags."

"I've got some feelings, bad, of this"
a nervous Muller once did cry
"Shut up, we're getting on with it"
"You heard the man, it's time to die."

"Did you hear that?" was Barker's bark
"Of course we did, now hit the ground!"
"Goddamn you Alloy!" was the spark
for Alloy had not gotten down.

"We must get up there," ordered Wolf
"if needed, you shall be our martyr"
Muller ran and tripped a mine
"and dead we'll both be in the water."

"WOLF YOU JACKASS!" was the cry
"The path was mined, I did not know
demeritous, I call that meme"
"I do not care, you stupid ho."

And so, without another note
Barker stretched out on the ground
and he remarked upon a hope
"Just line `em up and shoot `em down."

"Wolf, he's dead" was Lash's call
as Barker lay, deluged with blood
"Shut up, you fool" was someone's thought
"I'm cold, I'm tired, soaked with mud."

Bang, Bang, Snicker-snack!
and Wolf was dead
so Lash's dread
called for a fade to black.

`Twas evening, and the mountain road
did host a river for their graves
all peaceful was the ivy grove
where Gamma Squad is laid.



In a half-baked attempt to make my homepage a little more interesting, I've started a POTWIFLI feature (Picture of The Whenever I Feel Like It). I'll notify y'all on the blog when decide to post a random pic.
It's been a good weekend. The shoot on friday went well. I've digitized most of the useable footage. I also went to the flea market and got:
  • A tape deck converter for my iPod. It cost me five bucks, they wanted twenty at the apple store. Suckas.

  • A chinese rice hat. It's flat-out pimp. Not only does it block out harmful rays, it also amplifies sound to a degree.

  • A fake M-60 to add to my armory. Too bad I went to the flea market after we shot Expendable.

  • ALTERED BEAST. The most ridiculous game for Sega Genisis in existance. Powwwerrrrrrr UPPPPP!


Production for Scene 1 of Expendable has begun! Tonight we ran costume and screen tests for the war room segment. The costumes look good. I'm amazed we were able to pull it all together. The shoot is scheduled for tommorrow morning, looks to be smooth sailing from here on out.

Garrett and Chris have added some extra emotion to the generals, incluiding sequences where a table is thrown aside and a knife is jabbed into a map (similar to the above shot, sans script).

We'll probably be able to shoot pick-ups and the rest of scene one over spring break, slating Expendable for a tentative release date of late april to early may. We might release it on VHS and work on the DVD later, as that will consume a few months.


Hooray, BlogBack now has custom color support. I still like the old one better, but tough.

In other news, I'm hungry and I have to get ready for school. So bye.


Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck!
I had a good post about going to see a movie and another about going to see guys & dolls. I click post and it fucking vanishes. Okay, here's the rundown on guys and dolls:
Joel and Nick were really good. I got to see my revolver on stage. The girl who plays Adelaine can plant herself a fucking career on broadway. Mr. Dezerega kicked ass. Tyler made loud plodding noises whenever he crossed the stage.
(Ext. of seedy cafe in cuba or wherever)
Tyler: Calls, your worship?
Joel: Put the lime in the coconut and drink a bowl up.
Tyler: I will at once.


Wohoo. My head cold was so bad this morning, I got to take a sick day. On a friday. Whee.
I'm feeling a little bit better now, and generally less crusty than before. Still have a sore throat and stuff though.

This weekend, Robert Muller and I are going to make a trailer for "The Stainless Steel Rat". It's a project for his English class, so I figure I'd give him a hand. It's gonna be really cheesy. I'll keep y'all posted.
Blecch, I was sick today at school and am still sick. It was funny in math, this girl offered me some ibuprofen. But yeh, my nose is sort of like niagra falls over here and I'm tired so Im gonna turn in, night all.


It's been an odd weekend. Here's the beginnings of a post I was going to make friday:
What a fucking fun weekend this is turning out to be!
Yesterday when I was going downstairs, I slipped and fell diagonally down the stairs between the kitchen and the landing of my house, which are about 4 feet.

So yeah, I twisted my ankle friday and it hurt like a bitch. Reason I haven't posted is because I've been dividing my time between homework and finishing the current cut of the international films collection as a birthday present for my uncle Alan (he and my dad were the ones who made the movies in the first place).
But I digress. Once I sat down, I decided to hobble down the stairs to get to the futon. Once I got to the bottom, it really started hurting. I sorta fell down and lay there while I called for assistance. My mom came, and the I told her that next time, she better have some rubber mats or a hell of an insurance policy. So she helps me get my shoe off and then goes upstairs to get ice. Meanwhile, I crawl over to the futon and pop in the Clerks dvd which I'd rented.

I'd like to take this opportunity to say that Clerks is a kickass movie. I'd say that it's in my top 20, if not my top 10 of good movies. And guess what? More homework! So that's all for now.
Randall and Dante in 'Clerks'


Ohhhh my god school SUCKS!
I take off one lousy sick day, come back and it's like a fucking deluge of assignments. And I only have three core classes. WHAT THE FUCK?!?

Thank god it's friday tommorrow. It's felt like fucking friday all week long. Okay scratch that. It felt like thursday all week long. Guess what? It's thursday today. Gahhhh who the hell invented the fucking thursday? What a pathetic day. It's not friday yet, so you don't feel like the weekend has almost arrived. All you feel is that awful middle-of-the-week despair. The "good god this week has lasted a month" kind of feeling. Yeah, go thursday!

Mondays suck too. I think that we should round off the week for good measure. Friday is cool, cause you're almost out. Wednesday is chill cause it's late start at carlmont. Tuesday is ok. It's like the middle child. Thursday is the one you want to call an airstrike on. So here's my proposed school week:

Tues 12:00-3:00
Wed 1:00-3:00
Fri 12:00-2:59

Sounds good huh? I like it. Let's petition the governator. We'll call it "Vote YES for cuts in Education."


Garrett and Chris had this funny idea of putting the Gandalf/Saruman duel in Lord of The Rings to "Woo Hoo" by the 5678's. I thought it was a funny idea, so I ripped the scene from the dvd, cut it a tiny bit, and slapped the music on. I find the result pretty funny. See "The Duel" and decide for yourself:
http://eliot.bambi.net/eliot/Film/Duel.mov (25 Mb)

Note: At the end it says Catman do simply because I wasn't sure what kind of production it was. It is not, in fact, a Catman do Film™ but comes from another company which I have yet to decide. Possibly Doozie Films Productions. I will be posting a new quicktime soon with a corrected copyright notice, at which time this note will most likely be erased.