WOW! Did you know this blog was created on 4/6/2001, at 6:05:43 PM?
About a year and a half of torment for you reader* out there.

*Not a grammatical error


Happy Friggin' Halowe'en all.
Regardless of my root lockout, I've still been making a foray into PERL. In about a day, I'd already exceeded the power of any prog I've made in basic, period. The syntax is kin to C and Javascript, so not too hard there. However, it incorporates nice features like allowing you to dim variables as you go, as well as have subroutines defined anywhere.
It's totally free-form, the whole prog could fit one one line if you wanted... pretty damn cool in itself.

I'm currenly experimenting with user/script interfaces, I've already toyed with bash interactivity, which is WICKED AWESOME.

Also, POD document embeds look pretty damn cool, and I can't wait to get a taste of cgi...
Watch out next year, beacause bush is already piping billions from social security "revenues" into an egg-defense system...

(Edit- oh yea, I'm gonna post that scrolling bkg test soon, check under eliot/Misc)


Adapted a cool javascript to make the matrix background scroll, have yet to implement it.
Forgot the damn root password to eliot.bambi.net, dammit,dammit....
Now I have to trigger the ups whenever I want to shutdown, and I can only recieve files in linux and edit most of them in windows. Sucks. I WILL remember it! (Hey: word of advice, don't fool around with identification tokens at 3 am...)