Ok, it's evident that I'm not the only person getting weird pop-ups from my blog. It's probably from my tag board.
Here's a poll for y'all:
Should I switch burn bars yet again (probably to the same kind neight has), leave it how it is, or just get rid of the burn bar completely?
It's not used very much now anyway, as a lot of the discussion spans onto other people's blogs or the comment system.


'lo all. I turned sixteen today. Other than that, no major developments.

Peace out.

Edit: I just got a 250 Gb portable hard drive. Sweet jesus!
This should completely eradicate all of my space issues for a very long time. Phew.


I had this really weird dream last night. For my birthday, I had rented a screen at a movie theater to show Expendable for my family and friends. I had a helluva time rounding up everyone to get to the theater. Once the lights were dimmed and the opening credits began to roll, I started noticing differences. The guys at the theater had changed my movie! As it progressed, I realised they had changed the whole thing into a trite, computer-generated parody of Star Trek. Those bastards.

I was just about to have a little "word" with the managment when I woke up. Trippy.



God damn. I just woke up five minutes ago. As I slowly gained consciousness, I realised that the side of my chest really hurt and that my left hand was completely numb. Arrgh.
I then noticed that I had passed out somewhere on the floor. Half of me was on the carpet, but my side and my face were on that goddamned plastic sheet I have for my rolling chair.
And I still need to shower and pack my lunch. Fuck me.

That has got to be the worst 'nap' I've ever had in my life.


I don't remeber if I've talked about the EEG project on here yet, but It's something I'm working on with Muller. Our goal is to construct an electroencephalogram (EEG) machine for less than $200 and use it to monitor brain activity. The EEG machine would then be hooked up to some sort of control system so that a remote controlled car, computer, or other device could be operated using only your mind.

We're following the specifications detailed in the OpenEEG project. We already have some of the components, and I just mailed an order to a company in Bulgaria, who are the only people that print the neccessary circuit boards. Once we get the bare boards, it'll be a simple matter of ordering the additional components (from domestic companies) and soldering them on. The tricky part is hooking the EEG machine up as a controller and training ourselves to use it properly.

Robert's ultimate goal is to be able to play hands-free Counter-strike. That would be insanely cool, but It's a long way off. Once the boards have arrived (and Robert comes back from Japan), we should be able to really get started. I'll keep ya'll posted.