An untitled poem which meanders from nonsense to sense and current personal truth. I would like to do more on these themes later with a better balance- i.e. making more sense and being less preachy. But I like this anyway, so here it is.


Oh, how I hold!
a borderline, dime
drawn from the depths of the

Will. Tell,
the tall tale of daring,
caring, stricken
struck down and

free-flowing, towing
the dawn
a ship of more oars
a thousand ears
dead men's nails,

To which waters
of the brakhage
glue and dirt.

Lost, tossed
Pain, blame
Love, over

To what end.

I love.
I fear.

I die an easy death

Oh, to lay down in the lillies,
amidst the blithe, lithe
bed of grass itch and greens

Ani L'dodi v'dodi Li
And if I could only love God
as he Loves me
Love others, as he loves them,
the world would be right

Look for the dove with the olive branch
not the crow with the black eye
bound, found
amidst the muck and grime
of your heart.

Pray about it.

God knows we can't do it on our own.


Have I lost my purpose
or found it again
amidst the drudge beauty
of this life?

lost, found
the sounds resound too loudly

Proudly, I open the gate
Only to find what awaits
is not what my ego expected.

But I am not damaged.
This pain is not coming from higher truth.

the peace I find
Serenity of mind and body

Haughty, sometimes
when I'm out of control

The toll of pride,
wide expectations

no humility.

But that is no way to live.


So what is my higher truth?

Love. Be.

Peace. Grace.

Don't feel guilty for being human,
but take responsibility for bettering yourself,
improving your corner of the world.

Colors are so bright!
Tastes so rich,
Air so sweet,
The sky so blue,
Trees so majestic,
People so pure
When you walk in Grace.

Oh, to be Loved!
And to Love.
How fond God is of this little rock
on the edge of nowhere,
in some odd universe.

These humans,
How wonderful are they.
To delight in Creation, creativity
art, music, learning
Hurting, yearning, killing
Giving in to their darkness, indifference

Turning away.

Hurt. Pain. desolation.

Weep. Sob. Cry out,
for the Love not begetting love,
Grace not begetting mercy,
Kindness begetting selfishness.

But we are all children of adam.
We all have our piece of the puzzle,
our part to play in the bigger scheme,
for better or for worse.

Love. Fear. Be in Awe.

Be grateful.
Life is so much better with gratitude.

Don't take this world for granted.
It is a precious gift, our one and only home.

Every day is full of miracles,
big and Small.
All you have to do is look.

NB: Ani L'dodi v'dodi Li is from the Song of Songs, and translates to "I am My Beloved's, and My Beloved is Mine"

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